Christian mingle

What is Christian Mingle?

To begin with, if religion isn't your thing or you are offended by the popular belief in God and Jesus Christ you probably shouldn't read any further; this website review is reserved for those who are believers and have a strong faith in Christian religion.

This website isn't set up entirely for Christian singles believe it or not. The beauty of it is that it also acts as a social network for other Christian singles, whether they get together or not, and it provides them with an outlet in which they can share their faith and communicate openly about it among people that feel the same.

Having a platform for these people to share their faith however often brings them together and many meetings do take place. Apparently Christian Mingle is one of the most popular dating websites around at the moment; who said religion was dead?

How does it work?

You sign up for free and this allows you to examine all the other profiles online and check out what you think to the girls or guys online. To communicate with anyone via the website you have to pay a small fee to become a member. This will buy you the entitlement to talk to and meet the others online (and you cannot put a price on how valuable this actually is!) The meeting is all up to you, all you have to do is meet someone responsibly and be aware of your safety; just because it's a Christian dating site it doesn't mean everyone you meet will be nice!

There are options to chat with fellow Christian dating members via SMS or webcam when you become a member; this is really Christianity into the 21 st century now isn't it? The technology would astonish you. There are also forums and a complete searchable bible online, along with a bible verse of the day for all the members of the site.

How is it populated?

It's really only advisable to join this site if you are a Christian and you're into the Christian faith. There are quite literally no others on the site, the membership is strictly Christian only. This is perfect for those of the faith because it allows them an environment where they are protected from the often offensive content shown on other dating sites

How much is it?

It varies on how long you sign up really, but it's perfectly reasonable in price. You can pay by a variety of different payment methods and everything is done quickly, thus allowing you access to all the site's facilities as quickly as possible.

Overall comments

Christian Mingle is the site where all the Christian singles seem to hang out. There are a couple of others, but this one seems to have the best extras with the bible etc. If you're into God then you'll love this.

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