What is Fling ?

Has anyone ever heard of speed dating? It's one of those things where you sit opposite someone and attempt to get to know them in a couple of minutes before moving onto the next person. There is no option to stay with the one you've just chatted to, you simply have to move on; this is the only way you get to meet everyone at a particular dating event.

Fling enables you to do this, not because you can actually meet the people all at the same time, but they have such a great site that you can switch from profile to profile quickly and easily; it really does have a user interface that is second to none.

How does it work?

Basically you sign up for free. This is the same for all dating sites, so if you've been reading a few reviews telling you this and that about their sites you are probably well aware that nothing is for free and that you are eventually going to have to pay to see something, chat to someone, or actually meet them.

However, the profiles allow you to see a picture of the person and you can also read what they've said about themselves, check their age etc and maybe send them a message. But if you want to do anything more than that, like look at more of their pictures you will have to get a membership.

Membership is pretty cool because then you are enabled to do so much more. You can then send messages via SMS and even communicate via webcam chat with your chose, prospective partner. This is an excellent way of seeing if the person you're planning on meeting is actually up to scratch and the type that you would enjoy spending time with; the chances are that if you like looking at them on camera and you like chatting to them about this and that, then you're pretty likely to get on in person aren't you?

How is it populated?

You'll find virtually everyone and anyone on this site and they're all pretty damn genuine. The great thing about having to pay for a membership (and I know that sounds weird) is that once you have you get to see all the profiles and you can tell the ones that are genuine date searchers.

It's mainly straight guys and girls on here, but you also get gay/lesbian and transgendered individuals looking for fun.

How much is it?

Free to join and pay to play is the motto of this site. You'll certainly want to pay the small membership fee when you've signed up as a free member, because like most dating sites, it's just going to piss you off when you can't see what you want to see. I think it's around £20-25 a month the last time I looked, but I'm pretty sure you can get it cheaper if you sign up for longer; it all depends how much use you figure you'll get out of it.

Overall comments

This site is for keeps folks, and when we say that we don't say it lightly. The diverse range and amount of users online at any one time is pretty awesome and you're guaranteed to be able to chat to someone when you login. We like it! Give it a try


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