How to date online

Choosing an online dating website

This is the most important thing you'll have to do when you choose to date online. There are an enormous amount of dating sites out there and they are all very different in their own way. When you want to learn how to date online you're going to have to pick the one that suits you the best of all. You'll have to ask yourself some of the following questions:

•  Are you looking for a lasting relationship?

•  Are you looking for casual sexual encounters with likeminded individuals?

•  Are you looking for specialist gay or lesbian dating sites?

You see, if you try to find a relationship on a dating site that is predominantly populated by people looking for sex dates then you're not going to have much luck and you might even be offended. Likewise, if you go searching for a sex date on an ordinary, mainstream dating site you are likely to upset and offend a lot of people looking for something more meaningful.

Get your profile right

When learning how to date online it's certainly worth mentioning your profile, simply because statistically this is the one of the most difficult things people find to do. However, it needn't be as hard as they say it is. The primary problem is that people tend to think they need to make themselves more attractive to others, and this leads them to contrive all kinds of things that aren't necessarily true. Telling someone you're an avid reader when you'd much rather flick on the TV isn't the way to make people like you; you will attract others who love reading and you may face an embarrassing moment when they ask you what you're reading at the moment.

The trick, if indeed there is one, is to be honest with yourself before you can share this information with others. I don't mean you have to write a profile that says you like to pick your nose when you're on your own, that won't do at all; you do want to attract people. What you need to do is identify your interests and qualities that you believe would attract you to others.

When you get some interest

And you will get some interest. When people contact you via the website by sending messages etc, make sure you know who is really genuine before you opt to view their profile; most dating sites will charge you for this privilege. You should be able to tell if someone is interested in you because they will not only say so, they will more than likely mention something about your profile that has interested them; these are the types to reply to.

Once you've check their profile and decided that they not only look like you'd like to meet them, but you also like what you've read about them (honest or not), then is the time to make contact.

Note : When you make contact with someone from a dating site ensure that you do not disclose your address, only where you want to meet, and that you are surrounded by other people; it's also a good idea to tell a friend where you're going and maintain phone contact.