No strings attached

What is No strings attached?

Well if you were thinking that the term “loopy” was synonymous with crazy then this site would be the exception to that, simply because there is nothing crazy about it at all. This site is fantastic in every way. We've had so much fun looking at the profiles and contacting people through the membership system that we don't really want our time with No strings attached to end.

We found this one of the most honest and realistic dating sites we've ever been on in the past few months, simply because the people on there actually looked like real people and not just a collection of models gathered from various adult websites in order to make the site look more populated; this can be a problem with a dating site in the early stages, but No strings attached seem to have generated a great deal of members very quickly

How does it work?

You register your email address etc and then all the other stuff like what you're looking for in a partner, your sexuality, your interests and physical description etc among other things, and then you upload a picture and wait. If you want to contact any of the members you see onsite then you'll have to become a fully paid up member, but when you do become a member you get access to another great facility – webcam chat!

Chatting with the guys and girls on the site is a great way of getting to know people and meet new friends who are into dating and other things you like to. You don't even have to score a date each time you go on, you could simply chat if you like. Dating has suddenly become a very sociable thing to do online.

How is it populated?

Online for the chatting it's usually the guys that are waiting and looking around the site, but when the girls get on there, at the right time of day, they certainly start entertaining. All the members seem to be 20-60 years old, so this gives you an enormous scope to look at when you search for someone who best suits you. This is why you should use their search engines onsite in order to make things easier for yourself. You can simply select your region and before too long you'll be presented with a list of those available for dating and how far away they are.

Not really a gay site, although there does seem to be many bi-sexual users inhabiting, this site caters more for straight members. Most gay users have found their own more specialist sites to use.

How much is it?

It's not much at all if you're serious about dating. What you need to consider before you even think about going off to the site to find out the price is that you can't put a price on a good dating site, especially when you realise how much money you would have spent going out to meet a partner without any idea who is available or who is into the same stuff as you.

Overall comments

Overall, after spending more time on this review than many of the others we've concluded that No strings attached wins the prize for the best value for money, genuine adult dating site in the UK. This is certainly a must see!

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