Over 50's adult dating

What is Over 50s Adult Dating?

This site is a little different from other senior dating websites. Not only is it over 50s (which is still quite young in my opinion!) it also actively seeks younger members who want to have relationships with older people. This two sided approach makes it a perfect place for users to find someone their own age or someone much younger who knows how to appreciate the experience an older person has to offer.

So it's not like over 50s car insurance where you get preferential treatment because you're older, with this site you actually get women chasing after you because you're older and you stand a good chance of getting laid by a young piece of ass!

How does it work?

You have to register your email address etc and do yourself a profile in order to get on the site so you can see everything there is to offer, but after that you're pretty much on your own until you cough up your pension; and let's face it folks, there isn't much more to spend your money on when you're over 50 is there? Just kidding of course!

Once you're a member you can take advantage of all the membership areas and view as many profiles as you like. Getting in contact with anyone on the site is safe and secure because they know who you are via your address and payment details, and you can rest assured that everyone else has been checked out too; all you have to do is remember to be careful wherever you go to meet your date. And that's about all there is to it really, you register, look around and then choose someone to meet.

How is it populated?

I was surprised to see just how many members there were on this site. I have made the usual assumption that most people over the age of 50 are married, or at least have a regular someone in their lives; it would appear that my preconceptions were very wrong, for when I logged in for the first time in realised that the over 50s are probably one of the biggest dating demographics in the UK!

There is no shortage of young guys and girls on the site either though, so if you really want to have a good time with a younger woman, don't go to a site where the young ones hang out, go to the site where the young ones come to look for the older, more experienced men! This means they're likely to want you a little more than you'd expect them to.

How much is it?

You simply can't put a price on a service like this one for the over 50s so I won't even honour this question with an answer. It's not a lot, put it that way!

Overall comments

There is only one dating site for the over 50s in my opinion and this is it. If you can't find a partner, a date a fuck buddy, or whatever else you're looking for on this site then I'd give up if I was you.