Senior friend finder

What is Senior Friend Finder?

Senior Friend Finder is a partner site of the famous Adult Friend Finder, and it retains all the great qualities of the original. You can do everything from look at the profiles to meet and greet your prospective dates on webcam chat. The only difference is that on this site you need to be a senior! That doesn't have to mean “past it” either these days; there are many seniors that have a lot of fun; in fact there are a load t

hat have much more fun than the rest of us these days!

The great thing about Senior Friend Finder is that, like its parent site, it's global. This means that you can search the entire the world for a senior date if you really want to! This is probably one of the largest databases of senior singles ever created!

How does it work?

After you've become a free member there isn't much to do until you pay your way and take on a full membership. Once you've done this you can access everything you want; and there's a lot to choose from.

•  Webcam chat. If you meet someone you like you can actually chat to them via their webcam if you have one of your own. Don't expect them to let you watch them if they can't see you though.

•  Video profiles. You'd be amazed at just how sexy and inviting some of these videos really are. The users on this site really want to get those casual encounters going and they'll do virtually anything on these profiles to get you in.

•  Blogs. There are a selection of blogs from the company and the users offering vital information about the people you meet to just providing you a free read and something to chat about when you're online.

It really is more of a community than anything else, and it certainly beats the shit out of going to day care centres to enjoy needlework or old movies that you've seen a thousand times over!

How is it populated?

This is a site for seniors and Senior Friend Finder try to keep it like that because that's how the users like it. If they wanted to be part of something else then they'd go for another site. The people you meet on this site are resigned to the fact and happy about the fact that they are going to meet and have fun with people of around the same age as them; they want the more mature relationships, but this doesn't mean they can't be fun!

Does it cost a lot?

This is around the same price as Adult Friend Finder and it's worth every penny, if not more because of its specialisation. You can't get much on the internet for £20 these days but we're confident that this is approximately the right price for this site and that you'll get 100% value no matter what you spend!


Senior Friend Finder seems to be the best dating website for those who are after another mature/senior partner to have some fun with or simply share some time and company. 9/10 for this one!