Silver cupid

What is Silver Cupid?

Silver dating is a website devoted to the art of dating, but it does it in a very particular way, focusing on a very specific group of members. Silver Cupid is primarily for older more mature members who are serious about meeting people and having lots of fun.

How does it work?

For a dating site it's pretty easy to operate too. I've reviewed a few of these in the past and come up against many problems, from pop up advertising to simply imbecilic users. This one however has everything that you could want from a site and the users are all mature individuals who want it to work for everyone and want everyone to have a good, successful time online.

It's basically a profile picture site that allows you to read a little about each of the users before you decide to become a fully paid up member and actually meet one of the people you like the look of. You won't get far at all without uploading a picture however, this has been tried by many before and they've never had any luck; these days there are sites out there that allow you to chat to your date on webcam before you meet them (kind of like a pre-date) so not having even a picture isn't going to help at all.

The good thing about this website is that you will find that most of the users are genuine and honest. Because they're on here to meet people and have fun they are unlikely to post fake or old pictures of themselves online; of course they're likely to post they're best ones, but then wouldn't we all?

How is it populated?

Just because the website is called Silver Cupid it doesn't mean every one of the members has silver hair you know! On the contrary, it doesn't seem to matter what the members look like as long as they are all mature and sensible enough to use this unique service. Don't get me wrong, there are a few silver haired foxes on there, but the majority aren't. You need to see past this anyway in many cases because the wealth of experience and personality far outweigh the looks of some of these people you're likely to meet.

Does it cost a lot?

There is no charge to sign up and register, but there is a small monthly charge for membership in order to access all the member areas and meet with the other users. If it wasn't for this payment then age or address couldn't be verified, and this is essential for safety and security, not just profit.


Overall a great site for the more mature daters out there. You won't find young people on this site, and this is why its members sign up; if you don't want to meet other mature singles then go somewhere else.

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