Single parents mingle

What is Single Parents Mingle?

Being on your own with children is pretty difficult these days so we were pleased to see a dating website devoted entirely to single parents. This is the very latest in concept dating, there have been Christian dating websites, over 50s sites and various others; so why not a single parent's dating site.

This is open to anyone who is a single parent, and acts not only as a dating network, but also as a social network in order to put single parents in contact with each other, safe in the knowledge that they are chatting and messaging others who are single parents.

Now you might not think this would work out very well because we all know that in the majority of cases when a relationship fails the children almost always go to stay with the mother. So this leaves the site full of single mums? Wrong, it doesn't. This doesn't mean the father isn't a single parent either you know, and it's amazing how many men who have children they only get to see occasionally inhabit this website looking for another partner with children; you never know, this could be the coming together of two families to make one big happy one, or it could just be a bit of fun!

How does it work?

This is indeed the fun part of the website because you are able to do all of the following:

•  Webcam chat

•  SMS messages

•  Messenger

•  View picture and text profiles

This is a great way to meet other single parents who don't have the time to go out searching for fun. When you're stuck at home with the kids in bed you need to be able to talk to other single parents and perhaps flirt a little. The webcam chat is perfect for this, and not only that, it allows you to get a good look at who you might end up meeting; there's nothing better than seeing the person live in front of you at their computer, as opposed to seeing a picture of them in a profile that could well be ten years old! You never know, some people do try to deceive, so it's really best to be a full member and get a good look at your favourite users first.

How is it populated?

This site is only populated by single parents. Well, that's what it says anyway; whether or not there are people on there who are simply interested in meeting single parents and they're not necessarily parents themselves I don't know, but there isn't really a way to police this. Being a parent you'll be able to tell who is genuine and who is full of shit won't you? It's an innate gift given to parents!

How much is it?

It's basically free to join and free to initiate contact with the other users, but you can't get details unless you pay up to become a member. It's good that this site actually lets you initiate contact with your prospective date however; there aren't many dating sites out there that let you do this!

Overall comments

It really is dedicated to single parents, and the success rate is pretty good so far, considering that the website is still relatively new. There are loads of members and the price is reasonable.