Adult friend finder

What is Adult Friend Finder?

Adult Friend Finder is probably one of the biggest websites for dating out there on the internet at the moment, and there aren't too many people that haven't heard of it. With this site you can do virtually any of the great things you've heard about these days on the internet. It's primarily a sex contact dating site (or at least that's what everyone uses it for), but you might get lucky if you're looking for love; just consider where you met them though before you put a ring on their finger!

How does it work?

Like most dating sites these days, adult and non adult, you are expected to write a small profile description and register your email address before you can go any further. However, when you do decide to become a paid up member of the website (and you will decide to!) you will have a wealth of resources available to you in order to find a hot date; if you can't find someone on this site then you're fucked basically!

There are several ways in which you can communicate with your chosen date once you become a member and there are several great features to take advantage of:

•  Member dirty videos. There are loads of these, all done by regular people who fancy themselves as a glamour model. You'll get to see a little more of them before you date them like this.

•  Webcam chat. This way you can get to see them and talk to them live! This is the very best way to get to know someone before you meet them, and it's becoming the most popular; just remember to have a camera too before you ask to see someone else.

•  Magazine. You'll have access to the online magazine all about the dating world etc.

•  Blogs, groups and organisations. You can also subscribe to various blogs and join several different groups that interest you once you join up as a member.

How is it populated?

Adult Friend Finder is populated by everyone and anyone, as long as they are of a legal age to see adult content in their respective countries. There are options for heterosexual, homosexuals, transsexuals and even couples once you register your interest. The great thing is that everyone on here is out to get one thing and one thing alone – sex and lots of if it!

Does it cost a lot?

The fee is negligible when you consider the enjoyment you're likely to get out of a site like this. I've been on several dating sites in my time and never before have I been impressed to this level. It's around £20-30 quid a month I think, but it could be even cheap than this. I have so many subscriptions that I can't remember all of them.


There is something for everyone here and if you can't find anything then you can't possibly be into adult dating; you had best just go somewhere else and do a crossword or something. 10/10 for Adult Friend Finder.