Casual Sex Encounters

What is Casual Sex Encounters?

It is what it says it is folks. If you're after a casual sex encounter then this site is for you. Everyone on this site is after the same thing as you so when you finally pluck up the courage to register your details with them you'll soon find that it's genuine and really does do what it says on the tin.

How does it work?

They have all the usual contact methods on this dating sites as well as a few that have only just become popular. For example, along with the picture profiles of the girls and guys online you can now chat to them via instant messaging and also webcam! The webcam facility is really good because it gives you a good look at the person before you plan to meet them. No more waiting around in the pub to see if the woman who answered your add really is a pig! There's nothing worse than that is there? All of a sudden you find yourself ripping off the white carnation you said you'd be wearing, and dive quickly for the door; with the new methods you'll probably have had enough chance to see much more of her than you usually would on a first date!

How is it populated?

This site is populated with guys and girls, and they're both seeking guys and girls; they don't discriminate on this site folks, whatever you want you can get it. The important thing to remember is that they are all looking for FREE no strings sex encounters without any comeback. There is nothing worse than getting involved with someone who doesn't know how to back off; hopefully with this site you'll get that issue covered.

How much is it?

It costs you to get in touch with the people on this site, but it's not much at all, and once you've seen a few you'll soon realise that they could charge you double, if not triple the fee and it would still be worthwhile joining

Are there any offers?

No offers at the moment, but they do have then from time to time, such as women sign up for free and things like that.

Overall comments

Although we've never actually met anyone through this site, we've spoken to its users and discovered that it is very successful. There are people who use it on a weekly, even daily basis in order to find new UK sex dates.